Ryan - Drums, Vocals

RYAN FAUST brings a pounding yet technical beat to HitNRun.  With a resume that includes local Louisiana favorite Black Rain, Midnight Run, Deep Delta, K&B Whiskey and Trigger Fish, Ryan has charm and personality behind the kit that helps give the band it's solid foundation!  He also adds a vocal set to the band's song list that enhances the show.  Ryan comes to HitNRun with nearly 25+ years of gigging experience under his belt. With influences from the likes of John Bonham, Neal Peart, Keith Moon and many more, he brings to the table a wide variety of style and personality that keeps a crowd moving all night long. He also adds vocal harmony and will occasionally take the lead on vocals when needed.  Ryan is a heavy hitter that feeds off of the energy of the players around him and also the audience he is performing for. He loves to be challenged musically, so sharing the stage with players like Kerry and George, is sure to keep things motivated and interesting for everyone involved!


Drum Kits;

Pearl, Tama or Yamaha. (Depends on what mood he is in that day)



Sabian (paragon series)

Zildjian (A Custom)


Drum Mics:

Shure SM57’s (snare and toms)

Shure Beta 52 (kick drum)



DW 9000