Kerry - Guitar, Vocals

With influences such as Eddie Van Halen, David Gilmour, Andre Segovia, Eric Johnson and Steve Vai, KERRY SWEENEY has the chops to pull off the various styles that the band performs. He says that playing guitar is a perfect release for what life dishes out. As a kid he picked up his Dad's acoustic guitar and played along to TV theme songs and many genres of music. Playing and practicing for years just for self fulfillment and dabbling in home recordings, he came across some talented musicians and they formed HitNRun. "Getting to play great rock songs with a fantastic group of people is really what it's all about for me!". Maybe at this stage of the game he's simply just making up for lost time.....because he will make sure you're listening!

Line 6 Vetta II   
Line 6 Wireless
Electric Fan from Walmart
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